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The Kids Bay Learning Center is a state-of-the-art facility beautifully designed to meet parent’s and children’s needs.


Features include:

  • Brightwheel™ childcare software and app enhancing communication between parents and teachers

  • Security cameras and keypad entry

  • Top-rated air filtration system (IQ AIR MERV, rated perfect 16)

  • Purified drinking water

  • Nutritious breakfast and snacks (hot lunch plan available for purchase)

  • Interactive Hitachi Starboards (interactive whiteboards)

  • Touch screen computer education

  • Spacious modern classrooms, each with its own child-sized restroom

  • Marine aquarium

  • Interactive outdoor play areas including:

    • Playhouse

    • Extended nature trail

    • Sandbox with child-safe sand

    • New in 2023 - Modern state-of-the-art playground with shade sails

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