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Safe. Laughing. Learning. Loved.

The fundamental desires of every parent who leaves their child in someone else’s care are to know that their child is safe; that they are having fun and growing their minds in the process; and that the person taking care of them treats them just like they would their child. We get it, and we get you because we are parents first, educators second.


At The Kids Bay Learning Center, we regard safety as absolute, laughter as bliss, learning as funand love as unconditional. Our mission is to provide a safe, fun place where children are challenged and appreciated for the unique individuals that they are.


As a family-owned and operated center, we have the liberty to offer the families enrolled in The Kids Bay Learning Center flexibility, personalization, and warm nurturing connections. We welcome you to schedule a visit.

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Peace of mind.

Safety is absolute. When it comes to the safety of the children enrolled in The Kids Bay Learning Center and the security of our caretakers, there is no middle ground here. No halfway. No shortcuts. We leave zero to chance, period. Safety is always our first priority. We proudly invite you to come and see for yourself.


Happy child, easier work day.

Laughter is bliss. Intuition and science tell us that laughter is one of the best tools we have for dealing with stress. We understand that separation from family can be stressful for both parents and their child, which is why at The Kids Bay Learning Center, we take stock in children’s giggles, and we work hard for our investment.


Our nurturing, playful, and fun-filled environment and programs make for a happy child. We are mindful that when you know your child is happy, your workday becomes a whole lot easier. Laughter is abundant here. Visit to listen in.


Play. Play more. Learn.

Learning is fun. The overwhelming consensus from child development experts is that real learning for children happens through play. Google the topic, and you’ll find infinite research that supports this belief. In short, children learn well when they are mentally active, engaged, social, and can make a meaningful connection to their lives—all of which are characteristics of play.


At the Kids Bay Learning Center, we foster play indoors and outside. Visit the fun and learn something along the way.

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An extension of your home.

Love is unconditional. We should all be so lucky to get paid to do what we love. Here at The Kids Bay Learning Center, it has little to do with luck and everything to do with intrinsic passion. All of our caretakers fostered their love of children into careers centered on child development. They design each day with heartfelt engagements that strike the perfect balance between tender nurturing and encouraging growth.


Attending to each child’s unique needs and developmental stage, our caretakers treat every child like their own. At The Kids Bay Learning Center, we work to ensure that when your child is here, they feel at home. Visit and feel the love.

Play More
Extension of Home

Sense of community.

The African proverb of, “It takes a village to raise a child.” is amplified for working parents faced with juggling careers and raising a family. Navigating this balancing act is daunting, which is why “village” has never been more necessary than it is today. At The Kids Bay Learning Center, our resources provide the village, but it is our heart that offers a sense of community.


We treat everyone like family. We host numerous themed events throughout the year, where families and caregivers join together to develop a deeper connection and build friendships. We also host a monthly “date night” offering free child care for our enrolled families to support parents in need of quality adult-only time. We invite you to schedule time with us to learn more about our events.


Flexible. Reliable. Essential.

Such is life; it never goes according to plan. Add kids to the mix, and even your best intentions for a carefully planned out day are no match. From rearranged work deadlines and meetings to necessary appointments to unexpected personal matters, it’s not enough for your child care provider to be flexible; they also need to be reliable. When nothing else seems to be going according to plan, being able to rely on child care until you resume control is essential.


Ten is the number, as in only ten business days, that The Kids Bay Learning Center is closed for the holidays. For the remainder 355 days of the year, you can count on us. Schedule a visit to learn the details.

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